A Growing of Freelancer Revolution

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  • August 11, 2022
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In the past, freelancers may have been viewed as those who couldn’t find full-time work and wanted flexibility in work. However, in today’s economic environment, companies across sectors are relying more and more on freelancers and contractors in a constant race for success. How does this trend arise?

Since the pandemic, it has dramatically changed the way we work. Remote work has inspired more people to choose a freelancing path rather than being full-time employee. More traditional workers have witnessed and enjoyed the advantages of diversified revenue streams and flexibility and independence, after owning your freelancing business. It is not only feasible but also amazingly effective.

In aspects of business economy, a proliferation of on-demand talent freelances platforms are more time-saving and cost-effective, compared to traditional staffing agencies. As a result, businesses are more willing to hire freelancers—in fact, almost half of U.S. businesses, growth and revenue. It has proven that freelancers can be an asset and are worth to invest.

In the future, it is foreseeable that freelancers will surpass the majority of the workforce, full-time employees. Freelance Revolution is about to start, join the Alchemy Facilities family and start your freelancing path now!

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